Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chicago:: the place to be

The theme today I would have to say would be the suburbs. I love the architecture, the use of brick, stone, wood, etc. is just beautiful! The homes have a lot of detailing around the windows, front doors, etc. It really adds a nice subtle touch to the home, it gives it that little umph that I feel a home needs. What I noticed in the suburbs was how the train tracks cute right through their downtown area. I thought that was really cool. When I saw the railroads I automatically thought, wow they must have some great history stories in this town. J

Chicago is over all a really neat place to explore J

I love when a house or apartment is on the corner
and they are positioned sideways
I think it makes the look of the property
more ascetically appealing 

This clock has been hanging in the same spot  for 20+ years.
Its been through numerous bank changes
But it has always stayed the same J

 While I was on the trip, I discovered that I enjoy taking pictures of railroads. There is something beautiful yet eery about them. They have so much history and still have much relevance todays society. Also I think you can get amazing photos from them. How do you feel about railroads? J

The Museum of Science and Industry 

It was amazing how many sailboats were in one area

Sneak Attach:: 
While we were exploring, we saw a church carnival transporting its rides to the fair ground. J

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  1. I love Chicago! My best friend/roommate from college moved out there and I only visited her once..during the month of Janurary. But I still loved it. I need to go back during the warmer months!

  2. These photos are beautiful! I love the pictures you see of little kids walking hand in hand down a railroad. Those always make for cute photos. =)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Oh how I miss Chicago. My BF went to school there and took me along once. One of the most beautiful cities Ive ever been to.

  4. Great pictures - I love railroads too.. something interesting about them! I like your post below too.. my brother lives in Chicago, I have been meaning to visit!

  5. I love Chicago! When I lived in NYC I flew over to see family and fell in love....gorgeous.


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