Saturday, July 16, 2011

Project Butterfly

I would just like to start this post off by saying in no way am I affiliated or associated with Project Butterfly

While I was walking around one of the suburbs of Chicago, I started to notice a ton of painted butterflies. They  were hanging on the trees. Then......I came across the tree that had the description of what they were for.

I took lots of photos of the butterflies but only a few come out. Here are the ones that were actually worth showing. Hope you enjoy them

 The pink arrows show you where all of the butterflies are
I remember when I visited Chicago a couple of years ago they had the painted cows on what felt like every street corner in the down town area. Its nice to see that some of the suburbs have incorporated that idea with their downtown.

Here is what one of the cows looked like: I got this image off of a Google search

Does your suburb downtown have any art pieces on display? 

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