Monday, July 18, 2011

Bright Colorful Pinwheel

Yet again, another beautiful day (in paradise)

Today the sky is filled with beautiful white clouds and a pristine blue sky behind it. So what better way to complement the beautiful sky then with an amazing dress. I think the bright colors and slight pinwheel design make the dress unique.

This dress has so many summer colors, I just cant resist wearing. Every time I put this dress on
I automatically am ready for a fun filled day in the sun. The best part of this dress is that I got it on a whim. Its almost like it search me out and fell into my lap. J

The Little Details ::

Do you have an outfit that you love to wear during the summer? J

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  1. What a fun dress! I love this print and it is defintely a summery dress, no wonder you like it so much!

    I don't have a specific outfit that I wear during the summer, but I tend to steer towards skirts and dresses to ward off the hot hot heat!

  2. Such a unique dress! It definitely has a Pucci-esque to it, don't you think?

    In the summer, I reach for anything that's cool and light. As long as I can stay cool, I'm not picky at all!


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