Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Wedding

Here is a song to go with the title of this post. Oh and the song just happens to be from a movie with my favorite actress in it. (Julia Roberts)

A family friend of ours is getting married this weekend. And personally I am excited! I always hear people saying how they love weddings, and as seeing as I am now legally able to enjoy all of the libations that come with a wedding. I cant wait. Also the last wedding I was at was when I was 9, so it'll be a whole new experience J

Now with the wedding here I had to find an outfit to wear. Surprisingly it was a lot harder than I thought. Stay tuned for the pictures (they are taking a moment to upload to my computer.)

Until then, I thought I could share more of my downtown pictures with you

Hello sun 

Waiting for my cocktail J

Ohh there it is J

 We got lucky right as we were leaving downtown, the clouds started to roll in. 

Hope everyone has a great Saturday  J

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  1. Love the print on that dress..SO pretty.
    Looks like you had a beautiful day..nothing better than being by the water on a gorgeous day.
    hope you have a great week.


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