Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Happy June 1st to everyone and for those of us who have to worry about hurricanes happy (or not so much) 1st day of hurricane season.

Even though it is the first day of hurricane season it is beautiful out and I do mean beautiful J

What a perfect day for tanning. Which unfortunately I will not be doing. Today will be filled with a few errands for myself and then a few for my mom. After all of the errands are done I will most likely have a wonderful lunch with my dad and then slowly get ready for for. You just gotta love those summer jobs J

Without further ado, (doesn't that just sound so formal, I think it does) here is my OOTD:: I felt that since I wouldn't be able to tan today I should at least be able to look comfy and like I might be headed to the beach/pool. Don't you agree?

Romper from Target (summer 2010)

I had a recent (slight) obsession with jumper, rompers whatever you would like to call them. So I loaded up on them and I am glad I did I just fell in love with them. Also it seems like you cant find them anywhere now, it was like a very in type of style and then *poof* gone no more.

So need less to say I was glad I got a few J

Here is the song of the day:: One of my amazing friends maybe me a CD for the summer, and it had this song on it. I knew I had liked Leighton Meester as both an actress and a signer. ( I had heard a few of her songs awhile ago.) But I had totally forgot that she was in the movie Country Strong (which I never saw). For the movie she sang this song and boy it is good and a total summer song!  J

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  1. awesome outfit! hopefully hurricane season surprises your town without having any hurricanes! <3


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