Friday, June 3, 2011

Jeans? Nope Dress? How about both?

This week we could not have asked for better weather it has just been beautiful! So today I plan on laying by the pool for a little bit J (keep your fingers crossed). But until then I have a few things to get out of the way. So while I take care of that this is what I will be wearing.

This is what the neckline and hemline look like. They have a nice beige/brown stitching 

It’s a nothing special as I like to call it but it looks amazing all on its own. I feel I don’t need any accessories. Just a nice pair of shoes and I’m done J

I was debating on which shoes to wear, it was between these two.

These I like to call my DD shoes (my grandmother)
She always wore shoes like these so when I bought them I was channeling her.

These are just some sandals SWMBO calls them tribal sandals because of the symbols on the soul of the shoe.
The sandals won

Speaking of my grandmother, she had amazing style maybe I’m thinking about maybe doing a post on her and her fashion tips etc. I’ll keep you posted.

Well I hope everyone has a great Friday. I leave you all with a song.
Hope you enjoy it.

Here are some bloopers from my "OOTD Shoot"
I'm flexing for the camera

Getting a little sassy


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