Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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So I figured I would start this post off with apologizing for being absent for the last 3 days. Life kind of got a little hectic and I didn’t really have time to stop and smell the roses aka blog. But no need to fret I am back J.

I hope everyone had a great weekendJ.This week a loooooonnnnngggg time family friend is coming to stay at our house (do you like how I emphasized “long” to show how they have been a part of our family forever. I thought it was clever) . Since we have a guest coming to stay at the house it has been cleaning over load. So unfortunately I have no OOTD’s from this weekend. But you are all in luck I will post an OOTD in a little bit when I have officially started my day. Don’t you just love the lazy days of summer J

Here is a song to hold you over. I actually didn’t like this song at first but then it grew on me. Let me know what you think. 


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