Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekend Hurry up and Get Here

I picked this song because I feel it is a road trip song. What songs do you listen to while you are on a road trip.

I fibbed a little bit, and I apologize I sadly don’t have an OOTD for you. But I do have a suitcase full of clothes and an exciting trip that I will be escaping to this weekendJ. I will be heading off to Orland specifically Islands of Adventure. Here is what I am packing for the trip.

This will be the first days outfit
Tank top for when its hot and a t-shirt for if I feel my shoulders burning

First nights outfit. Nice white pants with a peachy tank top
Oh an nice heels

2nd days outfit. Tank top with a nice pair of brown shorts

Last night there. I'm in love with this its a 2 in one
The white dress is attached to the black coat.

Here are the shoes. The black ones on the left are for the last night there outfit,
the gold ones in the middle are for the days at the park, and last but not least the ones
on the right are for the first night outfit. 

Here is how I packed it all. Nice and neatly folded.

I’m super excited to goJWhen I get back I will have loads of outfit photos for everyone and maybe I'll get to bring back some butter beer from Harry Potter World for everyone J(I’m extra excited about this one specifically)

How do you pack for trips? J

Hope everyone has a great weekend

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