Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pocahontas to the Rescue

Today is the last day before one of my best friends leaves to go and be a counselor at a sleep away camp. So we are going to have a going away lunch and then get a manicure. Since it today will be all about girls day i figured this song was fitting

The OOTD is one that I love!! It is a full length romper, its super comfortable etc. (I could go on all day about this romper).

Oh the reason this post is called "Pocahontas to the rescue" is because when I showed my father this outfit, the first words out of his mouth were; "You look like an Indian". So thats where the post's title inspiration came from.

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  1. Your dad is too funny! I think you look gorgeous, the jumpsuit fits you so well, and the style suits you. I love the big bold statement necklace to up the fun factor too :)


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