Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sangria Brunch

After waiting roughly 3 years to try a drink, I didn’t only get to try it I got to be the creator =). My father and I like to watch the cooking channel and one day 3 years ago we were watching show and the opening had a preview of a delicious looking drink but of course with our luck that episode wasn’t the one that showed how to make it. It took about 2 years to find the episode and then another year until we were able to make it. So this is the way we welcomed in summer….. ( I should probably warn you know this is a picture heavy post.)

All the ingredients
All the fruit

Stirring everything together

Getting ready to drink
Looking tasty just needs ice 

There we go
Almost ready to drink!

Just a nice photo opportunity
The meal with the drink

Eggs Benedict with cheese hash browns 

Chin Chin

Well worth the wait

Hello Summer!!!!!


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