Saturday, May 28, 2011

Recap on Shopping

So like I said yesterday I will start this post off with a song. It is by Florence and The Machine. The song is The Dog Days are Over. I haven’t quit pinpointed what exactly draws me to this song, but for some reason I can’t take it off of repeat or get it out of my head. The word for this song for me would have to be addicting J but in a good way.

I suggest listening to this song while reading the post, because this is what we listened to all day. It might give you a glimpse into our fun filled day.  J

If the video doesn't work for what ever reason here is a link that will take you to the song:::

So without further delay here is a recap of yesterdays shopping trip. Oh I fibbed to you guys, I ended up wearing a dress not jeans because we all decided that we should look cute since we would be out in public J

Getting ready for the shopping

We had lunch at Lime 
that's all I have to say

Meet My Lovely Ladies J

Becca on the left and Leslie on the right


Courtney (ME)

I tried to take pictures throughout the day, but I got distracted by all of the stores. I luckily remembered to take pictures at our last stop. Charming Charlie's I don't know if any of you have heard of it, I didn't until the ladies told me about it yesterday. Once we got in the store it was accessories heaven!

They sell everything from hair clips, purses, dresses, necklaces, you name it they have it.

How cute is this dress 

Love this dress for a fun night out.
Would you buy a dress like this?

We all made it home just before it started to rain like cats and dogs. This left me with a few minutes to spear, so I decided to take everyone's picture of what they bought for the day.
Dress from Heritage 1981
(An extension of Forever 21)

The shoes where Alyse's prior to this trip.
Don't they just go perfect adds a pop of color

Leslie was feeling the neon vibe and bought
the leggings with a dark grey to tone down the

Purchased at Heritage 1918

I got this amazing blazer at Forever 21. It was the last one left,
and it was in my size. I took it as a sign that it was a must have

This is a silk tank top, which I feel will go with anything, i.e
jeans, skirts (colored or just plain black)
Purchased at Forever 21

These 2 necklaces were bought at Charming Charlie's
The feather/leaf necklace was roughly $9 the flower one
was originally $10 but was marked down 75% off
coming out to a whooping $2

Over all I would say the day was a success! Hope you all had a great Friday. It is supposed to rain here all weekend, but maybe we'll get lucky and the weather man will be wrong. Hope the weather holds up for everyone.

Enjoy the long weekend, kick back and relax J


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